Tevello vs. Courses Plus: Which Platform Empowers Educators More Effectively?

Tevello vs. Courses Plus: Which Platform Empowers Educators More Effectively?

Are you trying to decide which educational platform to take your online teaching journey? Chances are you have many platforms, each promising to revolutionise how you teach, how your students learn, and how you grow your business. But which truly holds the key to unlocking the potential of your company?

Through a lens of analysis, we will explore features, pricing models, design aesthetics, and user experiences offered by our platform (Tevello) and Courses Plus to see which platform is right for you.

Choosing a platform is not just about getting your content online; it’s about finding a partner in your mission to educate, inspire, and transform your business, all while creating an excellent experience for your consumers.

Tevello vs Courses Plus Features

Though Courses Plus has been around for a while, longevity is not always the best choice when selecting a platform to grow your business. We aim to solve many of the pain points that customers of other apps deal with daily. Our system integrates easily and seamlessly with your website, which is excellent for advanced users looking to move their already-created content and create more products immediately. It is also excellent for new users wanting to get started immediately without dealing with pesky tasks that delay the process.

There are some key similarities and differences that set Tevello apart from its competitor Courses Plus; these include:

Creation of the Account

Our platform was the first company to remove the email verification requirement, making starting an account a seamless process with zero delays for you throughout the creation process. This allows users to buy their access to your materials and start on them right away, removing an extra step and barrier. This helps improve the user experience and keep your users engaged.

Selling/Creation of Products

Our app can be used for the creation of content and the sale of physical and digital products. This allows everything to be done on the Shopify system rather than downloading a separate app and moving all your content. Plus, hooking it up with ShopifyFlow will enable you to create seamless automation and increase turnover and profits!

Speed of Availability

In contrast to the cumbersome user experience frequently encountered with larger corporations, exacerbated by their numerous interaction points, Our app revolutionises the process by consolidating access to all necessary content at the point of checkout, ensuring a fluid and hassle-free experience. Moreover, Tevello offers the unique advantage of facilitating direct communication with the developer via customer support channels, enabling swift resolution of any concerns — typically within minutes or hours, as opposed to the protracted delays of days or weeks commonly experienced elsewhere.

Online Communities

Online communities are a great way to grow your business because they allow members and students to talk to one another and promote additional products, leading to more sales. Tevello was not only an early adopter of online communities but also allows members to speak within the same app without downloading anything additional; we are also looking into adopting a 1:1 chat option, which could be huge in promoting products among one another within the community.

Tevello vs Courses Plus Pricing

Another essential factor to consider when selecting the company you want to utilise to house your content and grow your business is pricing. Pricing for learning platforms is often complicated and frustrating. Below is the difference in pricing structure between our app and Courses Plus.

Tevello Courses Plus
Free Trial 14-day access to all featuresOne Tier Pricing Structure: $19.99 monthly regardless of course and user numbers. This includes unlimited courses, storage, and communities, memberships, subscriptions, limited-time course access, drip content, certificates, bundles, and quizzes.

** The price you pay upon adoption of the Tevello platform is the price you will pay as long as you continue your subscription. No increase will be made even with new features and inflation.

Free Demo: Up to 5 Lessons per Store, unlimited students, course progress tracking, course app branding
Basic: $29.00 per month. Up to 20 lessons per store, unlimited students and storage, progress tracking, limited-time course access, drip content, certificates, and courses app branding.
Professional: $79.99 per month. Up to 100 lessons per store, unlimited students and storage, subscriptions, limited-time course access, learning paths, progress tracking, drip content, quiz.
Enterprise: $199.99 per month. Unlimited lessons, students and storage, subscriptions, memberships, bundles, limited-time course access, drip content, quizzes, custom certificates, and bulk invites.

Tevello vs Courses Plus Design

Excellent design and implementation of your content are essential for customer satisfaction, user experience and the sale of additional products. While both Tevello and Courses Plus work with your website to smooth the flow of information and access to products, companies like Courses Plus put their logos on their website, which often disrupts the website’s appeal and devalues your product.

Our app not only utilises the same design you already have on your website so it flows better, but we also won’t promote ourselves on your website. This white-label approach ensures no end users will know what app you use for your courses and distract you from your products.

User Experience & Support

User support and customer service are essential for educators’ and end users’ satisfaction when consuming their content and products. Unhappy customers will not continue to utilise a company that doesn’t meet their needs and can affect the growth of companies. Both Tevello and Courses Plus offer customer support. Below is how their customers can utilise it.

Tevello Courses Plus
Contact via Live Chat OptionAvailable 24/7 with responses within minutes to hours rather than days.

Email: Response expected within a couple of hours.

Contact via PhoneMonday-Friday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM ET, and Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET.

Email: Response expected within 24 hours.

Who Will You Contact: The developer who can correct and push through updates on the spot. Also, we are available to set up video calls upon contact. Who Will You Contact: A customer service agent will push you up the chain of command as needed for additional support and options for video chats.

Opportunities for Growth & Sales

The goal of utilizing platforms like Tevello and Courses Plus is not just to sell a single online course or product. As educators, you want people to refrain from consuming basic content and leaving. You want them to stay and purchase more products. To help solve this issue, we were an early adopter of communities, and other companies, such as Courses Plus, followed suit.

Many of our users aim to utilize their platform at a sales pipeline where they can bring users in with basic products and utilize them to sell additional goods and services. These basic products open the doorway to more sales through paid access to digital courses, memberships, and access to products.

In addition, communities increase the likelihood of further sales by allowing these ‘pop in’ users to connect with other customers who essentially market your product by sharing what they love with others. Not only does Tevello offer this connection on the same app as the courses itself, but they are also looking to add 1:1 chat features to help further connect users on a more personal level.

Why Would an Educator Choose Tevello Over Courses Plus?

For many, selecting a newer company may seem like a risky move. New companies are often not as established and lack many of the features companies that have been around for a while have adopted. This misconception is not valid in the case of Tevello; it is, in fact, the opposite.

Many users are leaving Courses Plus to move to Tevello because they report issues with the speed of implementation for their courses and products availability, as well as issues in the length of time it takes to solve technical issues. In contrast, Tevello’s cloud-based, server-free system delivers fast and is easily scalable without hold up as businesses continue to grow.

Tevello is also incredibly responsive to requests and updates from users. Unlike a larger company that must go through miles of red tape to get approval for new features, our developer responds and pushes through new updates quickly and efficiently.

Finally, Tevello utilizes Shopify flow, which has incredible benefits that will help you automate your workflows, sell more products, and enable data to be transferred directly into Google Sheets, ensuring easy reporting. This integration clears up valuable time and helps you work more efficiently while also bringing additional sales to your company.

The Future of Tevello and Growing Your Business

Tevello is constantly changing to adapt to its users’ needs and help them succeed and grow their business. The future includes:

  • More engagement through communities, direct messaging, and combining digital and physical products,
  • Future plans will focus more on memberships and allowing your consumers to move between physical and digital products and subscriptions seamlessly leading to more sales for your company,
  • Tevello will continue to be a white label company so your brand is not competing with ours, and
  • Once you are part of our subscription, your price will never change, which makes planning for future growth and cost allocation easier and more convenient.

Tevello listens to its user’s needs so closely that we are always open and willing to look into new update suggestions that will enhance your needs and push them through quickly and efficiently to ensure you always have a high level of satisfaction.