Kajabi vs. Tevello: A Guide for Online Course Creators

Kajabi vs. Tevello: A Guide for Online Course Creators

If you’re a successful Shopify store owner, you’re constantly seeking new ways to better serve your customers, boost revenue, and solidify your brand’s reputation as an authority in your niche.

Creating and selling online courses offers a powerful means to achieve all these goals. However, the first step is choosing the right online course platform – and that’s where the decision between Kajabi and Tevello often arises.

Are you…

  • Struggling to find the right platform to host your online courses effectively?
  • Overwhelmed by the myriad of options available for creating and selling digital products?
  • Unsure which platform will best suit the needs of your Shopify store and help boost your sales?

This article is for:

  • Shopify store owners seeking to expand their revenue through online courses and digital products.
  • Individuals who want a comparison between Kajabi and Tevello to make an informed decision.

Understanding Your Course Platform Options

Let’s delve into the key differences between Kajabi and Tevello:


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform geared toward course creators and businesses who crave extensive features and customization. It provides a vast toolkit for building courses, crafting marketing campaigns, designing websites, and tracking detailed metrics.


Tevello is a Shopify app designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with your existing store. This means your customers enjoy a unified brand experience as they browse products and enroll in your courses, all without leaving your familiar Shopify environment.

Key Factors for Shopify Store Owners to Consider

When evaluating course platforms, keep these essential factors in mind as a Shopify store owner:


Do you prefer a platform with a focus on simplicity and intuitive navigation? Or are you comfortable tackling a steeper learning curve in exchange for more complex customization?

Integration with Shopify

How important is it that your courses feel like a natural extension of your store, creating a smooth, frictionless experience for your customers?


Identify the core features you envision for your courses. Do your primary needs center around offering engaging content, or do you have more elaborate plans like community forums, membership tiers, and sophisticated marketing tools?


Carefully consider your budget for an online course platform. Analyze the pricing models of Kajabi and Tevello to determine which aligns best with your financial projections for your course offerings.

Key Benefits of Tevello for Shopify Course Creators

Native Shopify Integration

Tevello offers seamless integration. Customers can discover, purchase, and access courses directly within your store, maintaining a cohesive brand experience that builds on your existing customer relationships.

Effortless Account Setup

Tevello simplifies the onboarding process by eliminating email verification requirements. This means your customers can dive into your course materials immediately after signing up, without any delays. By reducing barriers, Tevello enhances user engagement and ensures a smooth start to their learning journey.

All-in-One Platform for Sales and Creation

With Tevello, everything happens within Shopify, from content creation to product sales. Say goodbye to juggling between different apps and systems. By integrating with ShopifyFlow, you can automate tasks seamlessly, driving up your revenue and efficiency.

Instant Access to Content

No more waiting around for access. Tevello ensures your customers get their hands on your content right at the checkout. This streamlined process keeps them engaged and eager to start learning. And if there are any hiccups, our responsive customer support team resolves issues swiftly, so your customers stay happy and engaged.

Online Communities

Tevello doesn’t just support online communities; it enhances them. Members can interact seamlessly within the app, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging discussions. We’re even exploring a 1:1 chat feature, empowering your community members to promote products and support each other directly within the platform. This creates a vibrant ecosystem where engagement leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction

Affordable Pricing

Tevello’s subscription-based model is often more budget-friendly compared to Kajabi. This can be especially appealing if you’re new to online courses or want to prioritize keeping costs manageable.

Kajabi’s Strengths & Weaknesses



Kajabi undoubtedly boasts a remarkable array of tools catering to virtually any aspect of online course creation and marketing. If you have ambitious plans that involve sophisticated funnels, intricate community elements, and in-depth analytics, Kajabi has the power to deliver.


Kajabi gives you significant control over the look, feel, and branding of your courses. However, this flexibility often comes with the tradeoff of a slightly steeper learning curve.


If you foresee explosive growth and a large volume of course participants, Kajabi can handle the expansion. Its features are designed with large-scale course businesses in mind.



Kajabi’s robust feature set translates to higher pricing tiers. Factor this ongoing expense into your business model, especially if your online course ventures are in their early stages.

Potential for Complexity

While undeniably powerful, mastering Kajabi’s vast array of features takes some time and dedication. It might not be the most intuitive platform for those who prefer a simpler approach.

Separate Ecosystem

With Kajabi, your courses and their associated customer data exist partially outside your Shopify environment. While manageable, it can slightly reduce the convenience of having all your business data within a single platform.

Which Is The Right Choice For You?

Determining the best platform hinges on your specific business goals and preferred approach to online courses. Here’s a simplified decision guide:

Choose Tevello if:

  • A unified experience between your Shopify store and your courses is important, allowing customers to transition seamlessly between products and learning.
  • You want a straightforward course creation process, prioritizing essential features and intuitive usability over deep customization.
  • You are budget-conscious and want a cost-effective solution for delivering your online courses while retaining the potential to scale as your course offerings grow.

Choose Kajabi if:

  • You require the most extensive feature set available, enabling elaborate marketing strategies and a high degree of customization.
  • You are prepared to invest in learning a more complex platform in exchange for granular control and the capacity to support ambitious growth.
  • You envision online courses as a major, independent revenue stream, justifying the investment in a platform separate from your main store.

Final Thoughts

Both Kajabi and Tevello empower Shopify store owners to break into online education. Tevello often delivers a compelling balance of features and ease of use for those who want their courses to be a natural extension of their store. Carefully consider these factors, try any available free trials, and choose the platform that aligns best with your business strategy and your long-term vision for sharing your expertise.